/in-sit/ n.

1 the power or act of seeing into a situation (penetration). 2  the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.

Evidence-based neuro-ophthalmic and cognitive care platforms for all stages of research, practice and life. 

We are a team of interdisciplinary innovators who design, develop and deploy scalable solutions that advance early detection, prevention, management and recovery neuro-visual disorders for healthcare providers and delivery networks.

We see with our brain

Not with our eyes.   

The vision system is comprised of 200 million working parts. It is a vast network of cells and circuits that are connected to many regions of the brain and CNS.


Our diagnostic platforms obtain a multiplicity of neuro-visual physiologic and anatomic data and convert it into intelligent data. The resulting actionable information provides specialty-specific dashboards that simplify decision-making, treatment plan development and real time monitoring. These tools easily integrate into healthcare settings to improve and expedite neuro-visual and cognitive health.    

Our Mission is Simple and Pragmatic

To help the people who help people get better faster by delivering more precise, objective, non-invasive and intuitive diagnostic platforms for rapid and seamless integrations.

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